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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
Media FileRussel Wright "American Modern" Covered Sugarca. 1939-19592007.36.3a-b
Media FileRussel Wright "American Modern" Creamerca. 1939-19592007.36.2
Media FileRussel Wright "American Modern" Water Pitcherca. 1939-19592007.36.1
René Jules Lalique "Formose" Vaseca. 1924-194591.14.1
Media FileUnknown Manufacturer "Hog Nose" Cream Pitcherlate 18th-early 19th century98.3.9
René Jules Lalique "Rouces" Pair of Vasesca. 1921-194591.14.2a,b
Media FileUnknown Maker "The Gossips" - Furnishing Fabricca. 194043.38
© Estate of the artistLois Forester Scheibler Adam and Eveca.196187.18.4
Unknown Maker Adam-Style Armchairca. 1770-177583.14
Thomas Harley Advertising Jugca. 1810-181591.7