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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
Unknown Culture Spear Headca. 800 B.C.ELI.90.49
Unknown Maker Sphageion Olla (Ritual Vessel)4th century B.C.E.LI.90.48
Unknown Maker Sphinx4th century B.C.E.LI.90.2
Hellenistic Squatting Figure (Inkwell Cover)3rd century B.C.ELI.90.35
Unknown Maker Stater with Athena (obverse), Nike (reverse)323-317 B.C.E.2016.1.11
Unknown Maker Stater with Chimaera (obverse), Dove in Olive Wreath (reverse)ca. 400-323 B.C.E.2016.1.6
Unknown Maker Stater with Horseman Dismounts (obverse), Recumbent Goat (reverse)ca. 425-350 B.C.E.2016.1.4
Unknown Maker Stater with Tortoise (obverse), Five-part Incuse with Ethnic and Dolphin (reverse)ca. 350-338 B.C.E.2016.1.7
Hellenistic Statuette of Atalanta3rd century B.C.E.LI.90.7
Unknown Maker Tapestry Medallion4th - 5th century62.35