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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
Unknown Artist Horus Sma-Tawy (Staff Finial)656 B.C.E. - 30 C.E.68.19.3
Unknown Artist Isis and Horus600 B.C.E68.8
Unknown Maker Jug8th century B.C.E.LI.90.27
Unknown Maker Kalathos (Wine Cup)5th century B.C.E.LI.90.57
Unknown Maker Kantharos (Wine Cup)4th century B.C.E.LI.90.61
Hellenistic Ladle with Animal Head Finial3rd century B.C.E.LI.90.9
Unknown Maker Lamp in the Form of a Sandaled Foot1st - 2nd century C.E.LI.90.16
Unknown Artist Lar1st - 2nd century C.E.LI.90.13
Achaemenid Lion Head Finial5th century B.C.E.LI.90.37
Unknown Maker Lion Head Terminals4th century B.C.E.95.1.1a-b