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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
Unknown Maker Daric with King Running with Bow and Spear (obverse), Oblong Punch (reverse)ca. 500-350 B.C.E.2016.1.10
Unknown Maker Decadrachm with Persephone (obverse), Charioteer (reverse)ca. 275-215 B.C.E.2016.1.12
Unknown Maker Decorative Element in the Form of a Duck2nd century C. E.LI.90.14
Unknown Maker Diademca. 400 B.C.ELI.90.10
Unknown Maker Didrachm with Apollo (obverse), Zeus Labraundos (reverse)ca. 341-336 B.C.E.2016.1.8
Unknown Maker Didrachm with Attendant Crowns Horse with Rider (obverse), Boy on Dolphin (reverse)ca. 281-228 B.C.E.2016.1.5
Daunian Double-Spouted Askos3rd century B.C.E.98.1a-b
Unknown Maker Female Votive Psi-Figureca. 1300-1200 B.C.ELI.90.42
Unknown Maker Fish Plateca. 330-300 B.C.ELI.90.1
Unknown Maker Flask100 C.E.62.38