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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
Unknown Maker Tetradrachm wih Alexander the Great (obverse), Athena Holding Nike (reverse)305-281 B.C.E.2016.1.9
Unknown Maker Tetradrachm with Head of Athena (obverse), Owl, Olive Spray and Moon (reverse)ca. 440-404 B.C.E.2016.1.3
Unknown Artist Torso of Pan1st century B.C E. - 1st century C.E.89.42
Unknown Maker Tremissis with Emperor Maurice Tiberius (obverse), Cross Potent (reverse)582-6022016.1.13
Unknown Maker Trihemiobol with Boar (obverse), Lion Head in Square (reverse)ca. 480-450 B.C.E.2016.1.2
Unknown Artist Ushabtiu (tomb figures )1085-730 B.C.E68.19.12a-e
Unknown Artist Ushabtui2030 - 1640 B.C.E.62.43
Unknown Maker Volute Krater (Wine Mixing Vessel)ca. 340-320 B.C.E94.2
Etruscan Votive Profile of a Bearded Man3rd century B.C.E.LI.90.26