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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
Media FileLazar Vujaklija XIVca. 196977.5.57
Media FileHonore Daumier Y n'y a rien comme ca pour le rhume...183885.13.16
William R. Hollingsworth Yard Cleaners194144.7
Media FileCarl Gutherz Yard with Terrrace and Seated Figuresca. 190086.22.340
Media FileIra Moskowitz Yei Bei Chai - Navajo Night Chant194547.9
Media FileArmin Landeck York Avenue Tenements193875.18.4
Media FileH. Matsuki Yoshikawa-Cho, Ryogoku, Tokyo, Japanca. 189078.11.29
Media FileJames Pinckney Alley You Shall Not Pass!ca. 1914-193457.180.15
Media FileCarl Gutherz Young Artist with Young Female Sitterca. 186586.22.166
Media FileCarl Gutherz Young Boy Painting While Standing on Chairca. 188286.22.167