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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
William Heath A Change in the Head of Affairsca. 1826-18302005.16.34
© Estate of the artist Churchill Ettinger A Corner of the Coveca. 193847.232
Isaac Robert Cruikshank A Dandy Fainting - or - an Exquisite in Fits18182005.16.7
© Estate of the artist Walter Ronald Locke A Day to be Rememberedca. 193947.518
Media FileThomas Hart Benton A Drink of Waterca. 193747.43
George Moutard Woodward A Farmer's Philosophy in Death18092005.16.106
George Moutard Woodward A Formal Introduction to an Assembly17972005.16.78
Media FileHonore Daumier A Haiti Plaisanterie renouvelée185585.13.69
George Cruikshank A Hint to the Blind and Foolish - or The Bourbon Dynasty in Danger18232005.16.16
Media FileHoward Simon A Jug of Cat(?)61.257