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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
© Regan Upshaw and estate of Paul Gardère
Paul Gardère Upon a Time20022009.3a-b
Media FileEdward Ruscha Various Small Fires and Milk196490.18.26
© Kiki SmithKiki Smith Vitreous Body20012007.8
Media FileThomas Cornell Voltaire196490.18.4r
Media FileThomas Cornell Voltaire196490.18.4ee
Josef Weisz Von Der Kunst Und Vom Kunstler19542010.15.12a-b
Media FileJim Dine Welcome Home Lovebirds196990.19.7
© Clarissa T. Sligh
Clarissa T. Sligh What's Happening with Momma?19882007.14.5
Media FileRudolf Baranik White-Out196790.18.34c
Media FileRaphael Soyer Woman With Plant196990.19.20e