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Artist/MakerTitleSorted AscendingDate Object Number
Media FileUnknown Artist Untitled [Road Scene].008
Media FileUnknown Artist Portrait of a Young Girlca. 183950.42
Media FileHarriet M. Four Sixth Plate Portraits of a Familyca. 1839.0012
Media FileHarriet M. Portrait of a Manca. 1839.0013
William G. Adams Woman and Child with Bandaged Footca. 1849.0010
Media FileUnknown Artist Group Portrait, possibly the Gutherz Familyca. 185086.22.50
Harriet M. Young African-American Boyca. 18502006.15.2
Unknown Artist Portrait of Henrietta Luscher Gutherzca. 18552007.41.6
Unknown Artist Portrait of Gutherz Relative1855-18752007.41.7
Media FileUnknown Artist Portrait of a Young Manca. 1855-187050.41