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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
© Jim ColeJim Cole Danby Marker19972001.4
© Gwen W. CooperGwen W. Cooper Detail Series, Court F19782001.15.141
© Timothy CrowderTimothy Crowder Diary19842001.15.36
© Estate of the artist Walter I. Anderson Dog Stretching in the Moonlightca. 194788.32.3
© Estate of the artist Dennis Oppenheim Doom Room Hanging on a Stroke #119972000.7.1a-j
© Jim CollinsJim Collins Driverca. 197575.8.4
© Estate of the artist Dennis Oppenheim Earmuffs19952000.7.3
© Estate of the artist Dorothy Sturm Earth, Fire and Water19762001.15.142a-d
Media FileJohn Seyfried Encounter19802001.15.153a-b
© Estate of the artist Wheeler Williams Fall196162.14.3