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Artist/MakerSorted AscendingTitleDate Object Number
G. Bertacca Truantca. 188082.7
© Estate of the artist Ernest "Popeye" Reed Turtleca. 19802007.21
© Estate of George Rickey/ VAGA , New York, NYGeorge Rickey Two Lines Oblique No. 7ca. 196873.7
Media FilePeter Voulkos Untitled197886.38.5
© Estate of the artist Dorothy Sturm Untitled196588.35
© Chakaia BookerChakaia Booker Untitled20022006.33
© Estate of the artist Henry Pearson Untitled19732009.2.26
© Estate of the artistRobert McGowan Untitled (Chaha)1981-19822013.7.3
© Michael LuceroMichael Lucero Untitled (Fish Kissing)19972009.2.22
© Lonnie HolleyLonnie Holley Untitled (Spirit Head on a Rod)ca. 19972009.6