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Artist/MakerTitleSorted AscendingDate Object Number
Rinaldo da Siena Madonna and Child with Four Saintsca. 128561.210
Follower of Duccio Madonna and Child with Saints and the Crucifixionca. 1300-132561.200
Lippo di Benivieni The Crucifixion with Scenes from The Passion and the Life of St. John The Baptistca. 1315-132061.201
Paolo di Giovanni Fei Christ on the Road to Calvaryca. 138561.188
Giovanni del Biondo Madonna and Child, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Catherine of Alexandriaca. 138561.191
Taddeo di Bartolo Saint James Majorca. 141061.195
Taddeo di Bartolo Saint John the Baptistca. 141061.196
Rogier van der Weyden Virgin and Childca. 1450-146043.85
Pellegrino di Mariano Rossini Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Bernardino of Sienaca. 145061.198
Francesco Botticini Madonna and Childca. 147561.206