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21 Etchings and Poems, 1960

Artist: Fred Becker, American, ca.1914-2004
Artist: Willem de Kooning, American, 1904-1997
Artist: Stanley William Hayter, English, 1901-1988
Artist: Franz Kline, American, 1910-1962
Artist: Ezio Martinelli, American, 1913-1982
Artist: Ben Nicholson, English, 1894-1982
Artist: Helen Phillips, American,1913-1995
Artist: André Racz, American (b.Romania), 1916-1994
Artist: Kurt Roesch, American, 1905-1984
Artist: Pierre Alechinsky, Belgian, b. 1927
Artist: Karl Schrag, American (b. Germany),1912-1995
Author: David Ignatow, American, 1914-1997
Author: Jacques-Henry Lèvesque, French
Author: multiple authors
Author: David Lougee, American, n.d.
Author: Thomas Merton, French, 1916-1968
Author: Harold Norse, American, 1916-2009
Author: Christian Dotremont, Belgian, 1922-1979
Author: Frank O'Hara, American, 1926-1966
Author: Sir Herbert Read, British, 1893-1968
Author: Alastair Reid, Scottish, 1926
Author: Harold Rosenberg, American, 1906-1978
Author: Theodore Roethke, American, 1908-1963
Author: Hans Sahl, American (b. Germany), 1902-1993
Author: Dylan Thomas, Welsh, 1914-1953
Author: André Verdet, French (1913-2004)
Author: Peter Viereck, American, 1916-2006
Artist: Adja Yunkers, American (b. Latvia), 1900 - 1983
Artist: Ben-Zion, American, 1897 - 1987
Artist: Letterio Calapai, American, 1902 - 1993
Artist: Peter Grippe, American, 1912-2002
Artist: Salvatore William Grippi, American, b. 1921
Artist: Jacques Lipchitz, French (b. Lithuania), 1891-1973
Artist: Morris Gallery, New York, New York
Artist: Irene Rice Pereira, American, 1901-1971
Artist: George Reavey, British, 1907 - 1976
Artist: Louis Schanker, American,1903-1981
Artist: Attilio Salemme, American, 1911 - 1955
Artist: Esteban Vicente, American (b. Spain), 1903-2001
Author: Theodore Weiss, American, 1916-2003
Author: Horace Gregory, American, 1898-1982
Author: William Carlos Williams, American, 1883-1963
Author: Morris Weisenthal
Author: Richard Wilbur, American, b. 1921

Medium: 21 etchings

Book: 20 3/4 x 17 1/2 x 7/8 in. (52.7 x 44.5 x 2.2 cm)
Sheet: 20 x 17 in. (50.8 x 43.2 cm)

Credit Line: Gift of Isabel Ehrlich Goodman and Charles F. Goodman

Object Number: 90.18.47a-y

Not on view

Isabel Ehrlich and Charles F. Goodman, Memphis, Tennessee, 1990