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Kettle and Stand, 1738

Artist: Edward Feline, English, active ca. 1723 - 1750

Medium: Silver with raffia handle

14 x 9 x 7 in. (35.6 x 22.9 x 17.8 cm)

Credit Line: Gift of the Decorative Arts Trust in honor of the opening of the new wing and in grateful appreciation of the founding members: Dr. and Mrs. John Morgan Barron, III, Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Barzizza, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Bland, Helen L. Siddon Bogan, Walter R. Brown, Robert Dean Budiselich, Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Carrick, Mr. and Mrs. Mercere Collins, Scottie Schwarz Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lee Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gates Elliot, Dr. Phillip George, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Gerhardt, Robert D. Gooch, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Graham, Dr. Donald T. Harris, Dr. and Mrs. James Harvey Hendrix, Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Huckaba, Dr. and Mrs. John V. Hummel, Mrs. Herbert Humphreys, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wellington Hussey, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Isom, Mrs. Mackie Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. William Carrington Jones, Rep. and Mrs. Joe Kent, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kirsch, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kobdish, Marshall L. Koonce, M.D., Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Laukhuff, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Lee, Jr., Sally McAdoo, Melinda Hall McCloy, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. McStay, Mr. and Mrs. John L. McWhorter, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Monaghan, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Gholston Myrick, Mrs. Lester C. Newell, Dr. and Mrs. William F. Outlan, Dr. and Mrs. Sam Polk Patterson, Richard Penovich, , Mrs. Greenfield Polk, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Rossie, Dottie Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Seessel, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Shelton, III, Robert H. Smith, Jr., Marilyn S. Solmson, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Sutherland, III, Mr. and Mrs. Ted H. Turner, Mrs. Frank M. Weathersby, Jr., Elise Hunter Wetter, Mr. and Mrs. Russel Lee Wiener, Peggy Lester Wilkinson.

Object Number: 89.29a,b

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Brand Inglis Ltd., London, England, 1989